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Very useful but too little space for text

Nice app, easy and fast to use. Not 5 stars because: 1) too little room for text (only three lines) 2) no synchronisation possible,no export either. No sync -> everything is lost

Not everything your brain says is true

Mr Mood motivates me to write a diary entry every day, watching my feelings as a graph and making changes.

Its good.

It does need a severe update though. It hasnt been updated in more than 2 years. It could be so much better and more popular than what it is now. I would like to see an update where you can update your mood throughout the day versus one mood for the entire day. I am not consistently happy throughout the day. It would be nice to know if I am more/less happy during the mornings, afternoons, or nights. You could also add in how sleep affected you, caffeine, nutrition and diet, work, exercise, etc. This app could be so much useful and deliver so much more information than what it does. The potential is there, so is user support.

Love it

Really healped me to control my mood and my life, this app showed me to be more happy in weeks that i was very stressed out, love it!

Grea App

Ive had this app for 2 years and its great! I love seeing how I have changed

I love MR. MOOD

I love mr. Mood but what happened? I went back to reminisce in my past history and half a year of documented entries has been deleted from my iPhone. Like what the heck? Ive lost interest since Ive discovered this... Really disappointed with the app. The app should have extended space to hold all entries from the start. We need an update !

go back to days missed

love this app. but sometimes I miss a day or two. just wish you can go back & add your mood. otherwise, love it!

Could change a bit.....

Great app, but it could be expanded upon....

Mr. Mood

Very good app for seeing averages of how your doing and can be used to track almost anything not just your mood, but I wish I could write more, cause you are only given 4 lines

Love it!

Please add ability to add in days that we missed

Great app

I use it every day.

Really good but...

This app is really good and takes ahold of my mood everyday! It is really helpful! Only thing, is that you should make the app available for iPhone 6 and up viewers. Along with iOS 10. Thanks!

Awesome app

This app is useful and great!

Very therapeutic

Even just entering a mood makes me feel better. Great app for managing and tracking your daily moods

Mr. Mood

The simplicity of this app is what makes it so good. Very helpful around tracking state of mind

Cute and useful

Love this app

Simple yet efficient!

Very easy to use. Simple, but its just what it needs to be to help see the trends in your moods. Ive noticed that when I think about it, Im happy on the whole and this app is showing me the proof!


Its a good application


I think that app is cute and helpfull.

Very good!

I Love it!

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